Tallant's Hot Rods & Auto Body Shop in Kansas City has been around for 30 plus years and started out as a one man operation. It later grew into a father/son partnership and remained as such for quite a few years. In 2005, we broke ground and began construction of a new shop. In 2006, the business was Incorporated and in June of that same year, with 4 full time employees, we opened the doors at the new location in North Kansas City, MO. By early 2007, we had grown a little more to a full time staff of 6. In 2009, Dan's dad retired from the company, and his wife, Susan, came on full time. The company has been operated by Dan and Susan, with the occasional help of their daughter Samantha. When you give us a call, or send an email, you can count on one of the 3 of them answering you back!

Dan Tallant grew up in this business and has always had a passion for hot rods. In 1986, at the age of 15, he began building his first custom, a 1963 Nova. In 1992, Dan & Susan met and since they shared the same passion for cool customs, a custom 1979 Harley Lowrider was built. After getting married in 1994 & with a daughter in 1996, it was decided a car was needed, so the bike was sold & so began the 1934 Coupe project. As our daughter, Samantha, grew up - more room was needed, so the 1934 was sold, a 1948 Ford was started & we drove a 1955 Chevy in the meantime. In addition to the 1948 project, Susan decided to purchase & build a 1967 Firebird. In 2010, the '48 was sold, and the firebird was given a makeover. Dan now has some International Shop Trucks, a 1957 Chevy, 1955 Chevy, and 1934 Coupe, some of these are currently under construction, projects. Samantha shares our passion for cars, (how could she not, we have been dragging her to car shows all over the country since she was born), once she officially reached driving age, following in the footsteps of dad & mom, chose a 1962 Volkswagen Bug. Several of our team members and their families join us at shows with their cars and trucks as well.