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Frequently Asked Questions

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We do not require a downpayment to start work on your vehicle. The only thing we may require prepayment for is substantial purchases of parts, especially special order parts. All of our billing is completed weekly, by the man hour at a rate of $65 per man hour, plus parts and materials used.

This is a tricky question. The definition of "restoration" varies from customer to customer. The total of your project depends on the state of the vehicle before we start, and the work you are wanting to have completed.

We do not provide fixed cost estimates unless it is an insurance quote. Custom vehicles are all billed per man hour plus parts and materials and tend to fluxuate depending on the customer's requests and the cost of materials increasing.

For these reasons, we do not provide formal estimates

We bill at the minimum on the 1st and 15th of each month for our long term projects. On smaller projects we bill at the completion of the job.

All projects are billed based per hour at $65.00 per man hour plus additional parts and/or materials. Payment is to be made upon reciept of the invoice, and can be made by cash or check, or with an added 3% convienence fee by card.

We realize that at times, it may become necessary to put your project on the back burner while you save up some money or collect some more parts. We may need to pull some of our work force to do the collision side in order to get a customer back into the car they drive everyday as soon as possible. To help with this, in addition to the entire 2nd floor of the building we work out of being dedicated to storage of parts, we also have a second facility to safely store vehicles in. However, with this, comes the added cost of more insurance, utilities, etc. So, here is our policy on storage of parts and vehicles…

If YOU request that the project be placed on hold so you can save some money or locate some parts, we charge $100.00 per month storage and ask that you provide a proposed timeframe for resuming the project so we can schedule other jobs, as well as yours, appropriately. We cannot store parts and/or vehicles indefinitely.

If you are waiting on US to work your car in, there will be NO storage charges.

The length of time it takes to finish a project depends on the size and scope of the project, and the availability of funds. We have some customers that take 6 months to complete a full build, and we have some that take 6 years. We work with you for what's best for your project to take the least amount of time possible. However, there are some factors that we as builders can not control, being the availability, manufacture and shipping of parts.

We as builders do not provide you with a formal estimate for custom work because we cannot forsee unknown issues. Each car is different in it's own way and could have more or less problems than another, meaning we would have to reduce or increase the original estimate given.

We can buy the parts for you. Or you can buy the parts yourself. It is completely up to you. With either way that you chose, we can assist you in finding the right parts for your project.

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